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Terms and Conditions


By creating and ordering prints from Image Printers you agree to comply with our terms and conditions.

Content & ImageBefore uploading any of your imagery to our website, please ensure the following:

It is not the responsibility of Image Printer’s employers, employees, designers or any other authorized personnel to monitor the contents of images uploaded to the website during or after the purchase phase.

Please Note: Once your order is finalized you will not be able to make any changes to your images, so be sure to check thoroughly for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or any other special effects you may require.

In no uncertain terms should any content or images contain anything that may be deemed offensive, harmful, unlawful, intimidating, vulgar, derogatory, obscene, filthy, provocative, ethically or otherwise objectionable.

Content & its Legality: Image Printers manufactures and sells its products solely for novelty purposes. Users of our services must abide by our legal requirements as far as standards, rules and regulations related to the content and images you provide to us.

Responsibility of uploaded images: Image Printers does not take responsibility for the quality of the images you provide for printing. Our designers are happy to lend their expertise to guide you in determining the quality of the images you upload, but users are ultimately responsible for all final decisions.

Printing Material: Materials use in our products are clearly described and defined on our site. Users should research and understand the materials they select thoroughly before placing an order. Image Printers is not responsible if a purchaser confuses materials that are explicitly advertised on our website.

Order Time: Image Printers prides itself on our ability to complete orders in a timely manner. You can expect your order to be completed within 1 – 3 weeks starting from the time your order is actually placed. It should be noted that shipping time is dependent upon the amount of time it takes users to answer any questions we may have relevant to your order.

Changes to the Final Order: Once your order is placed you may not add, change or make corrections to it, and Image Printers is under no obligation to review, revise or cancel an order once it is in the production process.

Colors in Final Print: Though customer satisfaction is our number one goal, Image Printers does not offer any guarantee as to the possible variations in colors of the final printed image with those on the computer screen. We do our very best to make sure colors on print match as closely as possible to those on the screen, but a 100% match can never be achieved. Computer screen colors are dependent on an individual’s screen settings and, generally speaking, no two screen settings are identical.

Refunds & Returns: Should a product fail in any way or break due to a manufacturing fault during the first 30 days of delivery or gets damaged during the actual delivery, Image Printers takes full responsibility for any compensation which will be in the form of a credit. Credits may then be used to replace the original product or to purchase another product.

Be Advised: Should any such unfortunate incident occur, please take a photograph of the broken item and send it to Once your image of the item – or the item itself – is received, Image Printers will either send a replacement of your product or credit your account for a repurchase.

It should also be noted that Image Printers has the sole discretion as to whether a product has failed or broken due to a manufacturing fault, a deliver fault, or some unrelated reason.


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